What Is Valorant? All You Need To Know About It

The popularity of FPS games is not unknown to anyone and seeing its radical rise in recent years, the developer of League of Legends developed a desktop exclusive game called Valorant, originally called Project A. Similar to other counter strike games, Valorant combines the best of features of similar games like Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends to give you the most unique and thrilling experience. Like most first-person shooter games, this game too requires aiming skills and unity among the team mates to defeat the opponent and win the game. It is developed by Riot Games, a California based gaming company, the same company that developed League of Legends. Here we will discuss all about the Valorant and its features

What is Valorant?



Most talked about game of 2020, Valorant is a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter game similar to CS GO released on June 2, 2020, where one team kills and the other saves. There are two game modes: Search and Destroy. Attacking team plants bombs and kills the opponent and defending team diffuses and saves their teammate. Whoever gets killed first loses the game. There are 25 matches in a game each duration is 100 seconds, the first one to win 13 games wins the overall match. Unlike CS: GO, Developer Riot has added a new feature of selecting an agent before the start of the game. The player can select a weapon along with the agent. Unless you are a pro at the game, you will need to develop skills and abilities to win the game or buy Valorant accounts to acquire them.

One of the fast-paced modes of Valorant is Spike Rush game where there are seven rounds and each player has the same weapon and abilities and fight to plant/disarm Spikes.

The reason for its popularity is that it was released in closed beta which means anyone with a gaming device that supports this game can play it for free. All you need is an uninterrupted internet service since it is an online game.

How to download Valorant

Currently, it is available free to play for all and can be downloaded from its official website and get started. Since it is released for Windows PC version only, you will need to have a PC to play Valorant. Users can Click “Play Now” on the Valorant site and create their valorant accounts by clicking “Make One”

On signing in you can download the launcher and install the game. The size of the download file for Valorant is as small as just 7.3GB, so no need to worry about your PC capacity to handle it.

Rules of the game

Valorant is a FPS shooting game that involves two teams with 5 players each. Players can sign in and play from any part of the world remotely. They can coordinate and communicate at the same time to create a strategy to win the game. There are 25 rounds in each game, the team that wins 13 rounds first is declared the winner. Abilities, weapons and characters can be chosen before the start of the game in 30 seconds.

Valorant characters

Since it is a character-based online game there are a total of 13 playable characters to choose from. Presently, they are known as Agents and are equipped with unique powers and abilities that make them different from each other. Their names are:

  1. Jett
  2. Raze
  3. Skye
  4. Brimstone
  5. Phoenix
  6. Sage
  7. Sova
  8. Viper
  9. Cypher
  10. Reyna
  11. Killjoy
  12. Breach
  13. Owen

Each agent is geared with a certain style of play – like some can attack the opponent at a fast pace, jump from great heights while others are good at defending – can create a dangerous wall of fire, and some are all-rounders.


Valorant has already garnered millions of followers in very little time since its release and will see a huge following of gamers globally in the coming times.