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Overwatch, what precisely is it?
The Overwatch assists the CS:GO community in self-regulation by allowing trained and experienced community members (‘investigators’) to analyse reports of harmful behaviour, determine whether such reports are legitimate, and impose temporary bans as needed.

How does the Overwatch function?
Prospects for Overwatch Investigators can notice an activated Overwatch button on the main screen, indicating that there is a pending incident for them to review. The investigators can then choose to participate by watching a replay (eight rounds, or around 10 minutes) and voting on a decision.
If both investigators agree that an offence occurred, a suspension will be imposed. The length of the suspension would be determined by the gravity of the offence and, if any, the suspect’s prior record of convictions.

How do I go about becoming an investigator?
Right now, the best plan is to play a lot of games in our official Competitive Matchmaking. According to the CSGO Overwatch FAQs, they are gradually introducing players to the list of investigators and randomly picking individuals based on their playtime and skill level. The idea is to solicit as many qualified reviews as possible.

Is it possible to gain XP while playing Overwatch?
That’s correct. You will gain XP by sending right decisions in your cases. After you’ve resolved a few cases.