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Where to get CSGO Prime Accounts CSGO is by far one of the most popular multiplayer shooting games in the gaming arena. A lot of players spend hours and hours just levelling up their accounts. They do this in order to match with better players and avoid hackers that join matches in-game. Accounts that cross the level 21 in terms of the player level are designated as CSGO Prime accounts. A lot of players prefer Prime accounts since it provides them with a superior gaming experience. You can spend days and hours trying to organically grow your account to the ranks of CSGO Prime accounts. However, this is not an effective way as it costs a lot of time and patience. You can alternatively choose to buy one of the CSGO Prime accounts available at the This way, you can start enjoying a superior level of gameplay right from the start! Reasons to buy a CSGO Prime account • Prime Matchmaking There are a lot of CSGO accounts available on the internet. However, opting for one of the CSGO Prime accounts will make you eligible for prime matchmaking. This ensures that you play against players of your calibre and not against players who are too new or too skilled.Thus, getting one of the CSGO Prime accounts as per your preference will allow you to remain in the sweet spot of gaming where the game isn’t too easy or too difficult. • Avoid Hackers and Noobs Hackers ruin the fun as they makes matches impossible to win. By opting for one amongst the CSGO Prime accounts, you can rest assured that you won’t run into any hackers. Thus, the game is fair and you can spend your time experiencing authentic CSGO Gameplay. By getting a Prime account from the, you will be eligible for Prime matchmaking which weeds out inexperienced CSGO accounts. • Exclusive Drops, Skins and Medals It’s hard to get skins and drops under normal CSGO accounts. By getting a Prime CSGO account, you get access to exclusive drops and amazing skins which you can then use in the game. Moreover, purchased CSGO accounts also come with medals which you can brandish in the CSGO community. It will also save you the time of having to go out of your way to fulfil objectives just to get medals. • Smurf Accounts While you may already have a CSGO account setup, it’s always a good idea to have secondary or Smurf CSGO account. A smurf account acts as insurance against having to start right at the bottom in case your primary account gets banned or suspended. Moreover, smurf accounts allow you to experience varying levels of gameplay which adds to the fun. Higher ranked smurf accounts facilitate a more challenging level of matches. Lower ranked accounts allow you to experience a more relaxed gameplay. Perks of buying an account from the CSGO Account Store Buying one of the CSGO Prime accounts that are listed on the CSGO Account Store definitely comes with its own set of advantages: • Verified Accounts The CSGO Prime Accounts that are available on the CSGO Account store are verified and reliable. You can rest assured that they match up to the number of hours mentioned and have not been used by any hackers. Thus, you get one of the most reliable CSGO accounts available on the market which you can then use for a better gaming experience. • Ready to Deliver The CSGO Prime accounts listed on the are all set up and ready for you. All you have to do is pick your account and complete the payment formalities. You’ll get possession of your CSGO accounts in no time! • Best in class post-Sales Support The provides post-sale support that is the best in the CSGO accounts market. You will have 24x7 support through the means of our discord server. Someone will always be available to answer your queries and resolve your issues. Thus, you can rest assured that you will have all possible help at hand whenever something comes up. You can even get assistance over Telegram if you don’t prefer discord. • Reliable Ranked Accounts If you’re looking for a ranked account, that’s available as well. The number of hours clocked by the account, the rank and the achievements are transparently mentioned to aid you in your purchase. Hence, you end up getting exactly what you choose with no hidden subtext. A host of CSGO Prime Accounts are available which you can pick from in order to have a tailor-made gaming experience! • Multiple payment options The offers you multiple payment options so that you may choose whichever one is convenient. You can pay using Stripe, CSGO Skins, Paypal and even Bitcoin. If you wish to pay using any other method apart from stripe, you just need to hop onto our discord server and someone will assist you in completing the payment using a mode that fits you best!