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CS GO Accounts with Loyalty Badge, for those who wanna flex their ancient ties to the game on the new players, These accounts are a must. Loyalty Badge certifies that the game in this account was bought before it actually went free and grants the player a special “Loyalty Badge” in-game item to be displayed on your CS GO profile. So don’t hesitate to grab your low-priced loyalty prime account from csgoaccountstore.com. And if you wish to own accounts with medals , coins etc then buy your High Tier Account from our wide variety of medal accounts.

About CS:GO
Have you ever wondered about how wonderful it is to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Oh, if you find the game name too long, let’s shorten it to CS: GO, just like everyone calls it. It was created by Valve and is a multiplayer game where you have different game modes and levels as you play it. In CS: GO, you have the free account which is known as the Non-Prime Account and the premium account, where you can either pay or get to that status when you pass level 21 of the game. Let’s dig in deep to know more about this game.

What is a Prime Account?
A Prime account is a paid or a premium version of CS: GO. You can either purchase it or acquire it when you reach the 21 levels of the game. You have specific benefits attached to this account. Apart from that, you are only matched with other prime users when you attain the prime status in the game. You have some Prime-exclusive souvenirs to collect in the game, special game modes, etc.

Apart from that, the item drops and weapon cases are all exclusive to the Prime status players.

What is a Non-Prime Account?
Non-Prime Account is the free account of CS: GO. You get paired with other non-prime account players only. If you are thinking of getting paired with your friend who doesn’t have a Prime account, then you will get paired with the other non-prime account players too.

How can one get Prime Status in CS: GO?

One of the main reasons why people go for Prime Status Account is because you get matched with only other Prime account holders. They are also eligible for a lot of extensive benefits like souvenir items and weapon cases etc. So how do you get it? You can do it in two ways, one way is by purchasing the prime status from Steam. Or, you can do it by reaching level 21.

Thus, this brief idea of the whole Counter-Strike game was to walk you through the game, and the main features you need to know. When you first start to play, you can either start with a non-prime account or a prime account. However, it is suggested you have a Prime account so that you can pair it with your friends.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular multiplayer games at the moment. Firstly, this interesting and engaging game will keep you busy for hours, but only if you have the right tools to play your game with. Tools, you ask? Well, the right kind of accounts with the right reputation and commends too. However, with Buy A CS GO Smurf, you are in extremely good hands when it comes to kaufen of any kind. You will get your pick of accounts based on different levels of expertise and voila, you can start playing then and there.

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We also offer live support throughout the day, every day of the year. The 24 x 7 support in the form of a live chat window is available when you visit our website on the lower right-hand corner. Regardless of your question, we will answer it. Whether you need to decide what accounts to buy, how to get a smurf for yourself, how to make your payment, or how to activate your account, we will be there to ensure that your purchase goes off without a hitch.

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What do you receive with the accounts?
Each smurf you purchase from us comes equipped with a Steam username, a Steam password, an email, and an email password, if necessary. Buying Counter-Strike Global Offensive Accounts can be confusing because there is such a wide range of accounts to choose from. You have the option of choosing the Gold Nova Account, the Master Guardian Account, the Legendary Eagle Account, among others. Each of these CSGO Account types come with over one to five levels, each level with its own area of expertise and features. There are also Global Elite Accounts on our website to choose from.

We offer instant delivery with your chosen CSGO Account. You can make a purchase with us on our secure and safe payment gateway and get your details instantly. There is absolutely no wait time when you shop with us.

Each of our accounts is authentic. There are no competitive cooldowns or bans on the accounts. The VAC Status of the accounts is clean. There is no third party or hacking software used to operate these accounts. When you purchase an account, you can put the logistics aside and start playing to put your mind at ease. A quality gaming experience is what we offer and a quality gaming experience is exactly what you will get when purchasing CSGO Accounts from us.

Enjoy your most favorite game with CSGO ACCOUNT STORE accounts right away. Remember, after purchasing and activating the account, it is only your player skills that will keep you ahead of the game. Collaboration and coordination are the names of the game. Go ahead and find your teammates who you know will take you and your team to victory. After all, everyone plays CS for glory!

How does the trust factor work?
For this to explain we will suppose that the trust factor varies from (1-100) assuming 1 is low and 100 is high.

Suppose you have a new account with zero games played then you have a pretty low trust factor but it doesn’t mean that you have 0 trust factor in that condition it’s pretty average 20 or something but when you play a game on your account it will increase to 25 (5 + for new game assuming it can be 1 too)

The second scenario is you play another game in which you are not playing well or being toxic for the other players and they report you for griefing or abusive text /voice then your trust factor will decrease to 20 (-5 for new game assuming it can be -1 too)

– The third scenario is you play a game where you play a pretty average game and no one commends or reports, then it doesn’t mean that your trust factor will stay the same, It will increase in that game too as you will increase your number of hours, wins or loses.

– In another case, you played a game and you are pretty good and carry your teammates to victory and they commend then in that case your trust factor will increase by 10 (5 + for new game assuming it can be 1 too and 5 more for helping your teammates and commends)

– Lastly, you play a game and you are pretty good and carry your teammates to victory, you get commends but you also get reported for cheating or abusive text or voice in that time there will be many positive points and negative too but if you get reported and your match goes into overwatch case, assuming you’re not cheating or hacking in the game.

About trust factor in CS: GO
Trust Factor, is another alternative system to CS: GO’s matchmaking feature. This feature helps in matching the players who are linking their prime game account with a phone number. You can use it if you are a prime account holder and your account is completely verified.

Trust Factors can be high or low and based on your factor, you can improve it too. If you have a low trust factor that means that you will not be paired with prime users at all. Instead, you would be matched with cheater players or hackers. If you want to avoid this, you need to improve your trust factor.

Why are my friends getting a warning in the lobby about my trust factor? Does that mean my trust factor is low?
If your friends are getting a message in the lobby “Your matchmaking experience will be significantly affected because the Trust Factor of Player_ID is substantially lower than yours”. It doesn’t mean that your trust factor is low. It simply means that they have a higher trust factor than you.

So what does affect my trust factor in CSGO?
Your trust factor can be affected after every game, your trust factor is directly proportional to some factors of CS: GO

– Number of service medals
– CSGO Hours
– Number of badges
– Your years of service to Steam
Overwatch Reviews
– Number of matches played
– Reports for hacking / Griefing / abusive text / abusive voice language
– Helping the community
– The number of commends but it doesn’t mean that 1000 commends will increase your trust factor but it can affect your trust factor a little bit.

I’m getting hackers/cheaters in every game does that mean my trust factor is low?
No, It simply means that the opponent player who is hacking has the same kind of trust factor as you have and after you report him it will diminish in some amount after every game.

I have a low trust factor. Will my trust factor ever go up again?
Yes, It will increase but it will take a lot of time as we have explained in the above that there are a lot of factors involved in making up the trust factor but somebody saying get 1000 commends and it will increase your trust factor then that’s a bit of bad advice as you should concentrate on your game and help the CSGO community nationwide which will help you in increasing your trust factor with time.

Where can I buy CS GO Smurf accounts?
You can always buy smurf accounts from Buy A CSGO Smurf because we provide top-notch high-quality legit accounts with instant delivery at an affordable price.

How To Buy CS:GO accounts?

As you know, you can become a prime status member in two ways. One is to either buy the prime version and the other one is to reach and cross the level 21 of the game.

If you have played Counter-Strike before, December 2019 where it was not free to play, then your account will be automatically upgraded to the Prime status. You do not need to buy CS: GO accounts.

There are CS accounts for sale on buyacsogsmurf and this is where you can purchase it from. If you want to link your phone number to the account, then you have to wait for 6 months to do it again. Here, you need to understand that your contact number is essential rather than the account details. Hence, make sure your mobile number is unique.

If you are a new player of Counter-Strike, then you can buy your Prime Accounts from us as mentioned before. You can purchase it on CSGO ACCOUNT STORE.com for $11.99.

Why should you have a Prime Status in the game?

When you are a Prime user, you are eligible for some exclusive item drops, new weaponry, and some more. You also have access to all of the community wise operated servers. There are a lot of new game modes, weaponry, etc, whenever there is an upgrade of the game.

One of the main benefits you are going to have here is that you will be devoid of the aimbots and wallhacking that happens in non- prime accounts. These are done by the hackers and the cheaters who are in the lower ranks and who want to make their way on to the top. Prime account holders are all genuine players who want to play the game fair and square.

If you are on a non-prime account, you have a trust factor and then your matchmaking happens with other non-prime account holders, who are potentially cheaters and hackers. Thus, try getting a Prime account of CS: GO, if you want to play a neat game.

What is the process of the whole account purchase from CSGO ACCOUNT STORE?

You can have a Smurf account in the game so that you can use it to play with the lower ranking players. This is to have an advantage over the other players and that is called a smurf account. You can buy a smurf account so that you can practice how to scare the newly prime account players or the noobs who aren’t great with the game. Meanwhile, you can buy a legitimate Prime account from us.

If you want a smurf account, then there are many websites selling them. However, be aware of their authenticity. The main goal of this game is to stay alive and complete the level or the game.

How do I get a Prime Account?

When you have decided to have a Prime Account Status in the CS: GO game, then there are three ways you can get your prime account in CS: GO accounts. One was to purchase the Prime Status Game from the CS: GO game page or you can get a prime account with a wide variety range starting from 11.99 USD.

Otherwise, you can become a Prime Status member, which you can become after crossing level 21 in the game. When you are at 5,000 XP, 101000 XP and you are a Lieutenant Rank 21, you can become the Prime Status Account holder.

What if you are not at CS: GO profile level 21?

You can purchase the prime account from the steam game store or you can get a wide variety of silvers, gold novas, master guardians, the legendary, supreme, and global elite from CSGO ACCOUNT STORE. There, you can also buy private rank 21 accounts after which you will be upgraded to the Prime Status account.

If you want to go for a legitimate one, then the best suggestion is to buy a prime account and a pocket-friendly option, you can lean on to us because we are more affordable than steam as we have discounted options and be less in price.

You can purchase prime accounts based on the rank you want. In total, there are 18 ranks in the game. You have ranks that are the primary indication of the skill of the player. These players who are noobs start from a silver rank and then their goal is to reach the Global Elite, which is at the top. So, the prime accounts are available for all the ranks. The starting 6 ranks are known as low groups and then you have gold nova ranks. After that, you have Master Guardian and then you have the Elite Group.

So when you are purchasing your prime account, make sure you choose a rank that you are present in. This is because with the help of prime account and without any hindrance to the cheaters and hackers, you can slowly raise the ranks in the game. The objective is simple: it is to run and shoot the opponents and not be killed till the last. Keeping all this in mind, take your prime account so that you can be a better player in the game.

What if I am already at CS: GO Profile Level 21? Do you get prime at level 21?

Then, you will be automatically updated to the Prime Status. Those who played before 2018 December, they are all automatically upgraded to the Prime level. However, you need to verify the Prime status of the account. For this, you need to search for the play icon and then look for the green coin that has PRIME ENABLED on the screen.

You cannot remove your prime status account once you are upgraded to it. Be sure that the accounts are economical and ensure the fast delivery of your account. Always order from authentic websites like Steam, CSGO ACCOUNT STORE instead of unknown websites.

What is the Best place to buy csgo accounts?

It is good that you are searching for the best places to buy CS: GO accounts because you have come to the right place. When you are deciding to buy the CSGO account from Steam directly or through a third-party seller, you should have some priorities set straight.

It needs to be Economical.

Isn’t this the first thing that you notice before you make any purchase? When you decide to purchase a CS: GO account, you will have to consider the price you are paying. If it is to a third party, then you need to be very careful whether it is from a trustable website or not. Be it smurf accounts or otherwise, the prices need to be economical and should fit your budget.

Then, you need to see if the rank you are being received is guaranteed or not. Be alert for any kind of hacks or other software interference when your rank is allotted in the game when you buy the account. If you are getting unranked frequently, then you can ask for a full refund from the website you purchased.

The most essential thing is to see if the website is a legitimate one. There is a lot of competition out there and thus, you would have loads of fake websites selling your accounts. Spot the red flags and avoid those websites. One way to find out if it is legit is that the website has online or offline delivery.

You need to get ranked instantly when you buy from that website. This is because, once your payment is transacted, you should have your smurf account immediately. If the delivery is immediate, then they are legitimate and trust-worthy.

The best websites have everything that a user wants, which is safety. If you are new and still exploring the Smurf account market, then it is better that you do not buy anything from the unknown seller websites.

When you buy a CS: GO SMURF account, you need to maintain your performance. This is very essential because if you cannot play well, then your rank is decreased. And just like that, your precious money is wasted. Hence, play a lot of attention when you are playing so that you can consistently raise the ranks in the game.

Wrap Up

Let us wind up now to know what the best place to buy the accounts. But, before that note that they need to provide 24X7 chat or live support. No matter what the time is if you have any issue with your account since the purchase from the website, the seller website has to provide your chat support or live support.

There has to be the need to deliver instantly. When you are done paying for your account, it needs to be delivered instantly. Websites like CSGO ACCOUNT STORE deliver the account to your email once the payment is made. Need to be legitimate and economical: The place needs to be authentic and fit your budget when you are buying the prime account or the Smurf account.

How to get CS: GO Prime for free?

If you are a noob in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then you might be wondering if you have to consider getting a Prime account or a Non-Prime Account.

But what are the advantages of owning a Prime account?

You get to match with only the prime account holders! You will not be targeted by any hacker or any cheater player in the game. Getting a prime account and moving your rank up from then on seems a nice way to go.

How to get CS: GO Prime Account for free?

If you are wondering how to get the prime account for free, then for this you need to be at Private Rank 21 Lieutenant Level. This way when you have collected 5000 XP, you will be automatically upgraded to the Prime Account. The matches you win can give you more XP. After you have every 5000 XP, you will slowly rank up.

How else can you increase your ranks so that you reach the PR Level 21?

Like every multiplayer game, you need to have a distinct knowledge of the weaponry and practice them. Learn and practice how the weapons work.

Play the initial games with bots so that you can get a sense of how everything works in the game. Always have a focus on the minimap. Never lose focus on the grenades also! If you learn the basics of the economy of the CS: GO, you will be able to understand the game better.

In the end, you need to stay alive and beat your opponents.

Another essential factor here is being a good teammate all the time. You will learn teamwork while you strategize and plan your action. Never rush ahead of your teammates to jump ranks, this will not always yield results. In different rounds, have similar tactics or action games. Do not change them in different rounds of the game. You need to know that being a good teammate is greater than winning the game. Ultimately, you would want to scale up but with a good conscience.

Learn how you can peak your enemies properly. Before any major competitions, you can always get into the practice rounds or games so that you warm up a little. Test your strategies in practice games and apply them in real ones so that you have a fair advantage. Also, you will know if they are working or not.

Here are some points to keep in mind while you are going for a Prime account:

Make sure you are at the PR21 level. Along these lines, you can get it for nothing. Work hard and reach this level.
Once you reach here, you have a unique phone number that is associated with your account. This is important because if your number is not verified, your prime account status is not verified and hence can be revoked also. Thus, you can work your way up to level 21.
If you want enhanced matchmaking, then you can buy prime accounts from us.