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The Global Offensive Edition of Counter-Strike is currently one of the most adored online multiplayer games currently in the market. The tweaks to its gameplay and the fact that it is from the long and successful Counter-Strike franchise have made this game a huge hit. To play CSGO online against other players, you need an online account. 

You do have the option to make an online account and start playing. However, this will require you to put in the work to reach a respectable level before you can enjoy the game. Another option is to buy a CSGO Account, which will let you start right from the sweet spot of the player rankings you want. If you’re looking to buy CSGO Account, then you are in the right place

CSGO Prime: Taking it to the next level

You probably already know that accounts above player level 21 classify as Prime Accounts. Some prime accounts also have purchased the prime access directly. A prime CSGO Account allows you a better level of gameplay with priority matchmaking with other players that are up to your level. This ensures that you have challenging gameplay and that you’re not paired up with noobs or newbies. 

Using the CSGOAccountStore to purchase a prime account, you’re saving yourself time and getting secure prime access. You will be able to use the purchased prime account soon after purchase and have post-purchase support available to you. All the intricacies are already taken care of, so all you need to do is log in and play.

Moreover, if you’re looking to up your game by opting to buy a CSGO account, you can choose to buy the global elite level of accounts. Ranging from silver to the global elite level, each and every CSGO account available is verified and ready to provide you with a seamless gaming experience. Legendary CSGO gameplay with lesser hackers and exclusive prime matches is only a few clicks away! 

CSGO Non-Prime: Getting Started with CSGOAccountStore

Not all of us were born with elite CSGO gaming skills. Sometimes it’s best to start a little smaller and scale your way to the big leagues. To help with this, you can purchase a non-prime CSGO account. This type of account is best if you wish to get started with the epic first-person shooter multiplayer gameplay that CSGO is famous for. 

A non-prime CSGO accounts will give you access to all the game modes available to play. Thus, it ensures that you experience CSGO in all its glory without taking anything off the plate. You will be matched with players of your caliber who also fall into the non-prime category. You can get an authentic and verified CSGO account quickly through our CSGOAccountStore. Additionally, once you get the hang of it and want to graduate to the big leagues, you can always buy a Prime CSGO account later.

Since we have both non-prime and prime accounts available, this store becomes a one-stop solution for all your current and future needs! The best part is that we are available 24×7 on discord in case you need anything. Our verified accounts coupled with 24×7 post-sales support ensure a hassle-free gaming experience for you through your purchased CSGO account.

CSGO Smurf Accounts at CSGOAccountStore

Once you graduate to the big leagues in CSGO, the gameplay can become redundant and annoying. Moreover, some players even reach a stage where they keep dying during matches without playing much. This erodes the quality of fun that you have while playing CSGO. Luckily for you, we have a solution!

You can buy smurf accounts from our CSGOAccountStore to achieve a better level of gameplay. These accounts allow you to match with a lower tier of players, thus increasing your chances of winning. Smurf accounts are helpful for players who keep losing matches or dying during them once they reach a higher level. Even pro-level gamers enjoy playing through smurf accounts as it gives them a much-needed break from the high-stress and high-paced gameplay that occurs at higher levels.

Are you thinking of Getting a CSGO Smurf account?

If you’re an experienced CSGO player with an existing CSGO account, you can consider getting a smurf account from us to shake up your CSGO experience. You’ll have a fun time and also get to teach the youngsters some of the tips and tricks that helped you rise through the ranks!

Having a secondary or smurf account is always helpful since it allows you to enjoy multiple tiers of gameplay. Purchasing a smurf account has acquired a bad reputation due to hackers using them to cheat at the game. We deliver safe and verified smurf accounts through our CSGOAccountStore that will provide you with an outstanding level of gameplay along with 24×7 support in case you run into any trouble!


Do the purchased accounts have any limits in terms of accessibility?

No, all accounts purchased through the CSGO Account Store give you full access to all the game modes and their associated gameplay, skins, medals, and perks. 

Where do I report any issues that come up after purchasing an account? 

We at the CSGO Account Store provide you with 24×7 customer support through our discord server. You can join the discord server and highlight any issues that come up or get your queries answered by the support team.

Will a purchased account allow me to speak to other players in-game?

Yes, all of our accounts have Voice Chat enabled, and hence you can speak to other players in-game provided you have a microphone, or your device has an inbuilt microphone. 

Should I go for a Prime or a High Tier account?

Every account that has Player Level 21 or above is considered prime. On the other hand, High Tier accounts have hundreds of wins and several hundred or thousands of hours of gameplay. The rank of your account decides the kind of players you’ll be grouped with. If you’re looking for a real challenge, you can opt for a High Tier account. Prime accounts are good for players who are relatively new to the game and are yet to level up their skills.

Where can I buy verified and safe CSGO Accounts?

The CSGO Account Store is your one-stop solution for buying all levels of CSGO accounts. All our accounts are verified and tested. We provide 24×7 post-sales support and also ensure quick delivery of purchased accounts.

Can I buy a non-prime account and later on take it to Prime status?

Yes, you can buy a non-prime account and then level up to 21. Alternatively, you can visit the Steam store and purchase the prime status separately as well.


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